Robert F. Kennedy Jr. names attorney Nicole Shanahan as vice presidential running mate

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Beverly Hills^ Calif.^ on Aug. 3^ 2023.

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced Tuesday that Nicole Shanahan, a donor and California-based attorney and entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area, will be joining his campaign as his vice presidential selection. Kennedy made the announcement at a rally in Shanahan’s hometown of Oakland, saying in part: “I’m so proud to introduce to you the next vice president the United States, my fellow lawyer, a brilliant scientist, technologist, a fierce warrior mom, Nicole Shanahan.”

Shanahan, 38, was thought to be a leading contender as Kennedy’s running mate, in particular due to her campaign funding for Kennedy. Shanahan contributed $4 million to the Kennedy super PAC American Values 2024 and was involved in coordinating the production of an ad highlighting the Kennedy campaign, which aired during the Super Bowl. Said Kennedy of Shanahan: “I wanted a partner who is a gifted administrator, but also possesses the gift of curiosity, an open, inquiring mind and the confidence to change even her strongest opinions in the face of contrary evidence. I wanted someone with a spiritual dimension and compassion and idealism and, above all, a deep love of the United States of America. I found all of those qualities in a woman who grew up right here in Oakland.”

Kennedy’s announcement comes after his campaign threatened legal action against the Nevada Secretary of State’s office over his petition to appear on the ballot after it was reported that the signatures he had gathered could be invalid because his petition did not include a vice presidential candidate. Documents requested from the Nevada office revealed that Kennedy only named himself, without a running mate, on his candidate petition, in violation of the rules, potentially making the signatures collected in the state void.

Earlier this month, Kennedy teased his vice-presidential selection by sharing potential candidates including NFL player Aaron Rodgers, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, and Mike Rowe, 62, former host of the “Dirty Jobs” TV series.

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